Stan C. Lee Illustration

Award-winning commercial digital & hand-drawn art.

About The Artist : Stan C. Lee

I was told that I was practically born with a pencil in my hand. I have been drawing for as long as I remember -- no wall in the house was safe from my constant doodling. I love to draw. It is in my DNA. When I was in Science class, and getting bored, I would doodle stuff which my classmates would take home.

Never having acccess to a formal art education, I am a self-taught artist in a country where artists are called starving artists for a good reason, but I can't help myself.

Armed with nothing but pages and pages of drawings, I landed a job as a book illustrator right out of high school(1970), and after 3 years, joined the advertising field as Visualizer, Storyboard Artist, then Art Director. Those years were spent in studios filled with the heady smell of Cow Gum and color markers. I swear you can get high on the fumes...

All-nighters were quite frequent with the frenetic pace of ad agencies back then and sometimes we found ourselves falling asleep in the dark confines of a clunky contraption called the "enlarger" -- used to enlarge drawings that you had to then trace out -- this function would eventually be replaced by the stat machines.

Along the way I discovered the Airbrush, and my career literally took off with flying colors. I set up Stan Designers / Illustrators with my brother Sid in 1982. The 80s can be called the decade of the airbrush. I was asked to airbrush almost every imaginable subject. Cars, tires, robots, planes, houses -- you name it. At one point I was so bogged down with requests for gold and metallic effects, I joked that I was selling gold. Of course in between the airbrushing I was also doing acrylics, water colors, line drawing, and storyboards too just for the heck of it.

In the year 2000 we became Stan Creative Design Sdn Bhd (Ltd Co) to handle projects from the housing industry involving video, animation and replication.

I have been very fortunate in that in my professional life I have been given the opportunity to try my hand at almost every medium of illustration. It helped that I am versatile and adapt quite easily to different styles. I count myself lucky that I have also worked with some of the most talented artists on the planet. Sometimes we would work individually, sometimes we would mix and match -- one would draw, the other may ink or color, but by and large, I am a very hands-on artist and draw most of it.


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier
Lightwave 3D modelling , rendering and animation
Corel Draw Painter